Learning From the Disastrous Presentation of a Top Network Marketing Company Representative

Obviously, if you are interested in the product and business opportunity, and if you are enough of a self starter to come prepared with questions and comments stemming from research you already did prior to attending the live sales presentation, it matters little if the presenter is skilled or stinks, but it places you in the enviable position of learning from a disastrous presentation of a top network marketing company representative. In many ways you could consider this your first lesson in network marketing and the art of avoiding failure in public venues.

The reasons why some top network marketing company presentations are horridly bungled usually may be found in the person of the presenter rather than in the company provided training. She or he may fail to engage the audiences from the get go. Conversely, the personality of the presenter may be entirely unsuited to public speaking and instead of having prepared to overcome this obstacle, the presenter may have refused to embrace the limitation, instead seeking to shrug it off by either raising the voice and speaking more loudly than necessary, or by regurgitating – albeit from memory – the content of the sales brochure. Both are disastrous and should be avoided at all costs.

If you are not a qualified lead but instead perhaps part of the presenter’s up line, it is your responsibility to take note of the deficiencies you cannot help but see. Generally speaking, learning from a disastrous presentation of a top network marketing company representative does not involve a lack of product knowledge, but instead may be simply a collection of mannerisms that, when put together, are extremely off-putting. Jot down clues, such as body language, an overuse of gestures or conversely noticeable lacks thereof, signs of nervousness, a failure to engage each member of the audience, or the inability to use the material provided in the training brochure and make it her or his own. After all, consumers and potential distributors alike are turned off quickly when faced with someone who is obviously operating from the comfort of a script, even if the piece of paper is not visible or committed to memory. Help the member of your down line to learn from the mistakes made, but do it gently so as not discourage her or him, and by giving very specific suggestions that will spell success at subsequent sales presentations.