6 Steps To Quality Negotiating!

Whether, one, dedicates himself, to serving, and representing, others, as a real leader, and/ or, as their agent, such, as being, a real estate professional, one of the most essential, necessary, skills, and abilities (assets, aptitude/ skill – set), is being ready, willing, and able to professionally, negotiate, in the best interests of others, in a well – considered, experienced way! Many, seem, to believe, they are superb, qualified, negotiators, but, few are! After, over four decades, of identifying, qualifying, and training, actual, and/ or, potential leaders, and, having, personally, negotiated, numerous contracts, agreements, etc, as well as negotiating real estate deals, for over 15 years, I have come to believe, there are, 6 key steps, to quality negotiating. With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, these.

1. Listen effectively, and learn: Perhaps, the greatest, deterrent to effective negotiating, is, for most people, they enjoy hearing the sound of their own voice, instead, of having the discipline, and commitment, to listen, effectively, and learn, from every conversation, and experience. The more one knows about others, and knows, the other party’s needs, goals, perceptions, and priorities, the more capable, he becomes, of creating a true, meeting – of – the – minds!

2. See things, from another perspective, etc: In order to create, a lasting agreement, it takes a willingness, and commitment, to proceeding, with the knowledge, of what, might be needed, to make a deal! When, you consider, how, your negotiating adversary, perceives things, and what he needs to achieve, the possibilities, are expanded!

3. Seek win – win negotiations: Inexperienced negotiators, often, perceive this process, as trying to win, while experienced ones, realize, and recognize, the only way, to make it work, is to seek, win – win, negotiations! When, both sides, feel, they have achieved, their needs, etc, there is far greater chance of a lasting agreement!

4. Know your objectives/ needs/ priorities, from the start: How can anyone, negotiate, successfully, unless/ until, he knows his group’s (or client’s) objectives, needs, and priorities, from the start? To address, the best way, to proceed, proactively, requires, keeping these, in mind, effectively, and consistently!

5. Address concerns/ Answer questions: While, some seem to fear being asked questions, or hearing concerns, experienced individuals, realize, when they effectively, address concerns, and answer questions, to the other party’s satisfaction, it is one of the most important paths, to agreements! Remember, this must satisfy others, and, not, just, you!

6. Close the deal, effectively: As a sales – trainer, for most of my lifetime, I tell others, unless, you ask, for the deal (also, known as, closing the deal), it will rarely happen! The previous steps, set – the – course, but the close, creates the desired results, etc!

Don’t believe you are a good negotiator, unless/ until, you pay attention to these steps, consistently, and effectively! Quality negotiating is an art, and a science!